Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hey mommies :) The first few months are hard. Very hard. You go without sleep, without showering, without eating...all for your wee little baby. It does get easier. As every mother out there can relate, its not without the help of some very useful products though. Certain products have become a lifesaver for me. My boy is currently 5 months old, and have come to rely on some things that I am so glad that I had/have. Here are my holy grail, could not get through life without them, products. If you interested in hearing about my newborn must haves click here. Want to know what in my babies diaper bag? Find out!

Fisher Price - Music and Lights Elephant

We have a smaller home, and with that comes that fact that you can hear everything. Having some white noise in the background in baby boys room has been extremely helpful. This cute little elephant has multiple sound setting from rainforest animals, thunderstorm, ocean and rain. You can also play a few lullabies that come loaded. There is the cutest nightlight feature on the trunk of the elephant, which can be turned off if you don't find you need it. My favourite feature though is the fact that you can set it to run all night, which is what we use. It has a nice long cord that is helpful for moving it around the room. I do not know where I would be without this! You can find it on Amazon here for less than $20.00CAD

Jamieson Probiotic Baby Drops

I can not even tell you how much these saved us! As we were trying to figure out which formula would work best for our son, we become constipated. We tried a few things and nothing seemed to work. I had done some research about baby probiotics and decided itcouldnt hurt, I would try anything. I put 5-6 drops in his bottle every morning and within 2 days he was regular! I was so happy, and so was baby boy. It is a small jar, but you get over 100 drops. The bottle lasted about a month. I did not even need to continue with probiotics, as one bottle seemed to get his gut in check and we have not had to continue. You can find them on Amazon here for approx. $18.00CAD

Jolly Jumper Babysitter Cushion

All hail the breastfeeding pillow! This trusty item is amazing! Yes, its main function is for breastfeeding, but because I couldn't breast feed baby boy, I found many other uses for it, as to not waste money. I started using it for my baby to nap on (supervised of course)! He developed a flat spot so I used this to keep the pressure off his head whenever I could. I also used it to prop him up, so he could sit like big people :) Its also come in handy for support during tummy time, and even using it as a neck pillow for myself! You can buy covers for them separately too if you feel so inclined. You can find the on Amazon here for $23.00CAD

Sleep Sacks

Wonderful inventions! Baby boy loved to be swaddled, but he outgrew those when he was a few months old. I was at WalMart one day and found a very thin cotton sleep sack for up to 6 months. They are so light! Perfect for the warm summer nights. I love that the arms are out and free, and that it zips from top to bottom so the zipper wont leave its nasty claw marks on my boy! Unfortunately they seem to be discontinuing the George Brand Sleep Sacks but I have found something comparable on Amazon for a similar price point of $18.00CAD here.

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