Monday, April 30, 2018

Happy Mommy Monday to one and all.

Today I thought we would go through what I feel is one of the most essential tools in the parent toolkit...the trusty diaper bag, which also doubles as my 'going out' purse, haha. I carry this bag everywhere I go when I have my wee boy with me. One time I forgot it and I felt lost, a truly horrible feeling. I am lucky that my sweet baby is not a very messy baby. He doesn't spit up much, really does not ever have blow outs...but one can not be too prepared. So here are the items I must have in the bag at all times.

Receiving Blanket

Whether you call it a blanket, a flannel, a burp blanket or a spit up catcher, its very important. My babe is going through a very drooly stage and I use this to keep drool and any other unfortunate bodily fluids off my shoulder. If its cold outside I also use it as a blanket (if its clean of course). These blankets by Lulujo are some of my favourites! They are super soft and wash very well.

Extra Clothes
 I do not like packing a bunch of clothes in my bag, so I find putting an extra sleeper in the bag to be extremely helpful. If its cold outside I will also toss in an extra sweater but I find the full sleepers just easy. If its warm out I make sure to was a few t-shirt onesies. I love the ones that come in a pack of 4-6 from Carters! Great bang for your buck, and we use them everyday.

Diapers and Wipes

I do not think I need to tell you why these are a must. I try to keep 3 in my bag at all times for a small outing but if we are gone all day, you better believe my bag is packin' the diapers. (TIP: I also keep dog poop bags so if baby has a nasty poop I can wrap up the diaper in a poo poo bag to help block the smell). So far my favourite brand of Diapers has been Huggies, I find they leak less than the Pampers, but its all in personal preference. We also purchase our wipes from Costco, but if you do not have one near by, I really enjoy the Pampers Big Box. They are unscented and will not irritate your lil ones skin.

Toiletry Bag

 This is my favourite item in the bag. I keep all the little things in here like a travel size bum cream, baby powder, comb, clippers, thermometer, alcohol wipes etc. I have found this little bag to be extremely helpful, and it keeps all the little items together rather then buried deep within the diaper bag itself. I fid it helpful to keep his health card I here as well, just so I remember where I put it.  I also keep an extra pacifier in here just incase we lose the other one. There are so many great ones to chose from. I currently have one that came in a kit with a bunch of useful items like a thermometer, brush, nasal aspirator etc.

 Bibs and Cloths

 As I said my babe is going through a phase where he is drooling constantly. If it were not for the bib we would go through many more outfits then we do. I make sure to always have a clean bib in my bag, along with a soft cloth for any messes that we may encounter. You can find value packs of bibs and cloths at most stores that sell baby items. I love the value packs because we go through a LOT of bibs, between meals and teething!

These items are what's consistently in the bag. When its warm out I would add things such as a hat and some shades. When its cold I would maybe add an extra blanket, a hat and mitts etc. I also add my personal things such as a wallet because I am not going to carry around 2 bags AND a baby. I am not superwomen, haha.

The bag in my first photo is not being sold anywhere that I can find, so here is a great replacement. Same size and comes with a change matt as well. Plus the grey colour is beautiful and gender neutral.

Did I miss anything that you feel is essential in your bag? Let me know below.


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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Admit it, we have all gone to sleep with makeup cake face, its ok, we all do it. Its part of being an adult. After cleaning all day, cooking, running errands finally get the baby to sleep. You go and look in the mirror and think...'f**k it' and go to bed. I understand! But I am also the first to admit that my skin needs help and I realized that if I did not want to look like I'm 60 when I am 31, I must take action.

I find the key to any skincare, be it high or low end is consistency. I find the fewer the steps and the easier it is, the more likely I will be to do it. So here we are, my everyday skincare routine.....drum roll please....


My least favourite step...hence the holy grail makeup wipe. I use the Kirkland brand wipes
because I go through a ton of them. I use them at night to remove my face before I cleanse and also to wipe my face down in the morning.  (No I do not wash in the thank you). After I take off my makeup I use a foamy face wash to remove the rest of the gunk. Currently using the Neutrogena Deep Clean but I am no brand snob, I buy what is on sale.


This is my favourite part...serums. I am currently obsessed with a company called "The Ordinary". They make luxury skincare at very affordable prices. I usually alternate which night I use which serum, but my favourite out of the two is "The Buffet". They are a tad on the sticky side when first applied but its so worth it. After a week of using these serums I noticed a major difference in my skin. My fine lines seemed to be less noticeable, my skin look more hydrated and even, and it gave me this glow from within. very impressed. I will do a whole post on this skincare line...its soo good!


My skin is very dry. Like desert dry. I have these horrible red patches of flakiness on my face, back and shoulders. Usually this is a winter problem, my skin seems to behave in the summer for th most part. In the morning before I put on makeup, I use this moisturizer from "The Ordinary". It gives me great long lasting moisture but its pretty lightweight, making it ideal for under makeup. The cream is nice and smooth and feels very refreshing going on the skin. At night I use my Nivea Soft Cream. Its my work horse. I love the fresh scent, and the texture is thick and really feels like its working on my dry skin. You can not beat the price, as this tub cost me 6 bucks! Talk about a win.

There you have it, my skincare routine. I have watched many routines on YouTube and read many blogs and I have to say, my routine is pretty small and tame compared to others, but its what works for me. I am a mommy now afterall. Let me know ur favouorite skincare in the comments, it will give me some new ideas on what to try.:)


Monday, April 23, 2018

Hello again everyone! Welcome to Mommy Mondays on my blog.

Today I am going to be reviewing the Fisher Price Portable Jumparoo :) This to me is a mommy life saver! Lets "jump" in...:)

I recently purchased the portable Jumparoo because not only is my baby almost 4 months old and becoming extremely active, I needed a way to keep him off his back as much as possible to his ever flattening head (more on that next Monday). I also have a small home, and the regular Jumparoos I found were pretty large and can not be folded down to save space...enter the portable Jumparoo.

I purchased mine at Walmart but you can order it on Amazon here. It was super simple to put together, its a push and click set up, so no tools are needed. Its also nice because the seat can come out easily and be tossed into the washing machine, which is very important if you have a drooly baby. The rest can be easily wiped down for optimal sanitization. :)

A nice feature about this product is the 4 level system. It can adjust to your ever growing baby to create the best bouncing experience possible. It has music and animals sounds that can be played continuously or be set to making sounds when your baby is moving, encouraging their activity. There is lots of fine motor opportunities as well with moving parts and flashing lights to provide visual stimulation. My favourite part of this activity centre though is the fact that I can collapse it down with the push of a button and store it away when not in use, or easily load it into my car and take it with us when we go away. It lies flat for optimal storage, which is great for a small space.

What products keep you sane as a mommy, and what would you recommend for a small space?

Until next time. ;)

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