Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hello everyone! I am back. My baby boy was born on January 6th 2018 and he is almost 2 months old already! Time is flying by. I wanted to share with you what I believe are must have essentials for your newborn baby. These products have been a god send for me in my journey as a new mom and I think you would find them useful as well. Every mom and baby are different so these ideas may not work for everyone, but they have sure worked out for myself. These are in no order, as they are all number one in my book. All products will be linked in the descriptions.

Pack n Play

I received the Ingenuity Soothe Me Softly Play yard off of my registry. It comes in so handy for travel as it folds up nicely, so you can take it anywhere you need to go. I specifically chose this one due to its many very useful features. It has a section that zips into the top to create
the bottom of the play yard higher, which is helpful after birth, especially if you had a C-section life myself. It has a tray and change table for those mid night bum changes. My favourite part is it has a bassinet attachment, which is so handy if you do not want a separate bassinet that takes up for space. It also has a attached mobile which shines starts on the ceiling and plays assorted sounds like rain, music and forest sounds. For the amount that you get with this product, the price is fantastic.

Swings are great. They lull your precious baby into dream land, and in turn give you a chance to relax or get some of that much needed house work done. I currently have the Fisher Price Deluxe Portable Swing. Its a swing and vibrating seat in one. It has multiple swing speeds, it has a vibrate setting as well as music and assorted sounds. My baby boy loves to sit in his swing and drift off. It folds up flat so its really easy to take with you on the go, it fits great the trunk of my tiny car. Again, its great because it takes up less space then aa giant swing and a separate bouncy seat. This does it all.


This was a must have for me. The problem I had is my nursery is so small it was hard to find a chair that was comfortable and small enough for my space. I purchase the Delta Nursery Glider in the colour Charlotte. It is so important to have a comfortable place for you and baby to sit and relax together. I find it extremely helpful for those late night feeds to help keep good posture. You can find this brand at Walmart or on Amazon.

As my baby gets older, I will update new products that I am in love with. This post does not include all the little essentials like clothes, blankets, soothers, etc as that would be a much, much longer post. But I hope you find these suggestions helpful, and I would love to hear your thoughts on your favourite products for baby.

Until next time...

Stacey :)
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