Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Greetings all.

As I stated in my previous post, I am almost 39 weeks pregnant. Like most people, I have come to realize that most baby things are on the more expensive side, especially formula. I plan on breastfeeding and pumping...but life happens and I may not be able to.

I am not sure about the States, but here in Canada we have a few companies that send out free formula and samples when you sign up online. They are all a one time thing, as in one package per household. They are also a great way of trying out each companies formulas and seeing which one will agree with your baby's tummy the best. There are multiple that I have received so far, but today I will go more in depth into the Enfamil box. They offer 2 types of boxes, depending on your needs. I picked the regular mail option, but there is an earth friendly one where you can redeem your coupons in store for full sized product. This particular box usually ships 6-8 weeks before your expected due date.

The items come nicely packaged in this adorable box, which also has some weight to it. Inside, there are multiple coupons for future purchases as well as some information on the formula and samples provided. There is a nice sized sample of Sudocrem Diaper cream, as well as Aleva Naturals Sleep Easy Hair and Body Wash. Both are great sizes for travel. Formula wise, the box contains 2 packages of single serve formula pouches. One is the A+ Stage 1 formula for babies ages 0-12 months. The other package contains the Gentlease version. It also comes with a 6 pack of ready to serve formula in A+ Stage 1. For your convenience it comes with a nipple cap you can screw directly onto the formula bottle, ready for baby to eat. Super handy, especially for the diaper bag.

Needless to say, the fact that these companies will send out free product to new moms to try out is amazing, and I commend them all for doing so. Its hard enough being a new mom, and this just makes things a little easier. If you end up not needing the product, you can obviously give it to friends or family but what I won't use I will be donating to the infant food bank. Please let me know if you would like for me to go more in depth into other free products companies send out to new parents. Also, please leave me a comment letting me know your favourite brands of formula and why...I could use all the info I can get. :)

Stay Pretty

Stacey XO

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Welcome everyone!

I am so excited to be starting this blog. I love to write, and I have too many interests in life to just focus on one thing. This blog, if it turns out the way I hope it will in my head, will be a place for the family person, beauty lover, product junkie, sample hoarder, chef at heart, animal enthusiast, etc. Like I said, I have lots of interests.

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and have been home on sick leave, unable to work...and slowly going crazy. I need something to do with my spare time. I was on Pinterest and noticed that there are so many cool blogs out there on the interwebs, and I figured heck, why not join them. It seems like a great place to start new conversations, and create a community of like minded people.

So please join me on my journey. I am not sure where it will take me as a creator, or you as a reader...but we shall find out together. :)

Stay Pretty

Stacey XO

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